Saturday, September 02, 2017

SM - Rehearsal Space I

I suspect this has been one of the easiest SM gigs out there. Weeks have gone by, and I haven't had anything to blog about. My only job has been to find rehearsal space, and for this show, it's been easy. They're starting rehearsals with "beat work," intensely working short vignettes within the play's act-long scenes to determine each character's objective at the moment, what obstacles are in the way, and what the character is doing to overcome them. It's interesting analytical work, but there's not much for a stage manager to do. They're not up on their feet moving, so my primary responsibility -- record the blocking -- is delayed. The stage manager's opinion of a character motivation and portrayal is irrelevant. Knowing that I'll have opinions that are unwanted and unwelcome, I reasoned that it's best for all involved if I don't attend beat work.

So where are they doing this work? There's no need to book a theater or big rehearsal space, so I've been finding conference rooms in public libraries. Most of the libraries in the county have online reservation systems, so I can quickly find out if a room is available and reserve it for the cast.

Rehearsal is called for Monday, Labor Day, and the libraries won't be open, so I'm abusing my employee privileges to get us into one of my libraries that evening. I'm looking forward to seeing their progress.