Saturday, February 19, 2005

Knitting as sculpture

As I was working on these fingerless gloves, I thought about the Michelangelo quote: "When I look at a block of marble, I see the sculpture inside it. All I have to do is remove what doesn't belong." Knitting (especially in the round) seems to be similar: I imagine the finished garment, invisible in the air, and I try to fill in the space with yarn. Easier said than done, really, but it gets at what I think is so damn cool about knitting: you take a piece of string, loop it around itself so it holds together in the shape of a sock or a hat or a sweater. Or gloves.

These are the gloves requested by Anna, who used her sewing skills to help make my enormous green Aran sweater fit.

The wonderful camel scarf is getting longer (no need to post a new picture, really). Making progress up the sleeves of Mike's purple sweater:

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