Friday, March 17, 2006

Sixteen hours of socks and Galactica

I made some mistakes with the stop watch -- I once let it run overnight -- but it looks like it took me about sixteen hours, fifteen minutes to knit these socks.

I find this timing thing interesting, and may try to make a habit of it. I'm wondering now if it takes more or less time to knit socks one at a time.

Most of the ribbing was knit this week while I'm taking a slacker break from work -- vacation time with no plans to go anywhere or do anything. I've had small goals: do laundry, get my car serviced, vacuum the house. My biggest goal was to watch the first season of "Battlestar Galactica." I've avoided the series so far, mostly because I'm bitter that SciFi Channel didn't pick up the option of "Firefly." Every time I see the camera effect of a rapid zoom and clumsy focus on a spaceship, I feel a small twinge of rage. And once again, there appear to be no gay people in space.

But over all, I'm liking it, which I suppose isn't a surprise. The people are all very easy on the eyes; Jamie Barber is too hot to be real, but Aaron Douglas seems more my type. (Hmm, maybe there's a slash fiction pairing of Apollo and Tyrol out there somewhere. Distraught over the whole Sharon thing, Galen turns to Lee for comfort?) The Cylons have this interesting "Blade Runner" vibe going for them. The religious themes are intriguing, as are the politics. And this is probably old news to everyone else in the world, but I think it's cool that the producer provides podcast commentary for each episode. A couple years ago I said I wish there was an easy way for talented amateurs to produce good commentary tracks for movies; podcasting seems to have given us that. I'll have to look into those further.


Jason said...

Wow! That's really fast for knitting socks! Don't you think? Takes me weeks to knit a pair. Although I never timed myself. Just seems forever.

The socks look PERFECT. I've always thought your finished projects meticulous and flawless. Do you block your socks?

Love your knitting!

Mel said...

All I can say is, they're no Richard Hatch & Dirk Benedict. Childhood fantasies always win out. :-)

I've been contemplating socks, but I've got enough other WIP's to keep me busy for the time being. The Meilenweit I bought at Quiltessentials back in the fall is undecided as to whether it wants to be socks or a double layer (simple Scandinavian style) hat.

yarmando said...

Thanks, Jason. No, I don't really block the socks; I just plop them on the sock blockers and take a picture. And while it was only 16 hours of knitting, bear in mind that I started the socks February 28 -- it took me over two weeks to finish these.

And Mel, I thought about mentioning how much I liked the earlier series and how much a repressed attraction to Dirk Benedict had to do with that.

Just finished the Season 2.0 disks. I now think there should be a slash story about Chief Tyrol and Helo, held in the brig of the Pegasus, waiting to be executed. Maybe Apollo will interrupt them with a rescue.

Cat Herself said...

Great socks! Love the colors. I agree with Jason - your knitting looks meticulous . . . in person, too . . . but it doesn't surprise me at all. :-) I'm missing out on the Merc this weekend because of other commitments. Soon, though, we'll have to get that group together, as you'd suggested. I'm thinkin my house, your charm, lots of alcohol . . .