Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Brown but pretty

My aunt had requested brown socks, a chore I wasn't looking forward to. I had thought about using some Trekking XXL for accent stripes, but it was too beautiful and became a separate pair. So...what to do with the plain brown Regia?

It's the "Child's First Sock in shell pattern" from the amazing Knitting Vintage Socks. A lot more work than a simple, toe-up sock with 2x2 rib on the cuff, but I'm pleased with the effect. See how the angle of the light brings out different aspects of the lace pattern? It's been a while since I followed an actual pattern, or knit a top-down sock (let alone with a heel flap and gusset); kind of a nice change of pace. But now I have second sock syndrome.


Cat Herself said...

That Nancy Bush is a genius. I'm sure I'm not the first to say so, either.

Beautiful sock. She doesn't deserve such a beautiful sock if all she wanted was brown. Hmph.

Let's not let June go by without knitting together.

Anonymous said...

Oh, do the second one. A sock this beautiful deserves a mate.

Your aunt is gonna love them!

Anonymous said...

You make drab colors beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Cat isright, that Nancy Bush is a genius. I just got that book last week and want to knit most pairs in it.

When you're knitting the second sock, I'll be you'll be trying to figure out how to knit it to up, won't you?

Tallguy said...

ah... that is why I now do BOTH socks at the same time. Sometimes both on one long circular, sometimes on their own sets of needles. But they both happen at the same time, and when we are done, we are DONE!!

Where are you? What are you doing? We miss you ---

Gran said...

I love my new brown socks, they are beautiful as always, How fortunate I am to have such a talented nephew !