Saturday, June 17, 2006

Head Hugger Hat

A friend recently told me she no longer has to fix her hair, having lost it to chemotherapy. We're not close, but I care about her a lot, and wanted to make her a hat. One of my favorite patterns is Danny Oulette's Easy Head-Hugger Hat.

Noro Silk Garden
This is a bit too big, but I think it can be washed and blocked to a smaller size.

Top viewDespite the name "easy," the pattern has some tricky elements. I never have mastered the technique of grafting it together at the end, so there is a seam.

The pillbox/fez shape isn't to everyone's taste, but I think it will suit her. I hope she likes it. She's an amazing woman, and she's beat cancer before. I'm confident she can do it again.


yarmando said...

Apologies to anyone who had this post show up in their aggregator a dozen times. I had trouble with the photo layout, and kept revising and republishing it.

Anonymous said...

Only showed up once in mine.

That hat is lovely. What is it made of? I'm guessing Noro Silk Garden.

yarmando said...

Yep, Silk Garden. I put that information in the "alt" tag of the picture, but didn't expect anyone to see it there. [I'm having "audience anxiety" with my blog, worried that I'm turning too many readers away with the knitting geek stuff, but worried that I'm not telling my knitting geek audience everything they want to know].

Cat Herself said...

Honey? Don't worry about what people think of your blog. Just put what you feel like putting and it'll all work out just fine. That said, I like the balance of knitting/geekazoid stuff . . . my only complaint is that you don't post often enough . . . but maybe what that really means is that I should get off my ass and call you and make you spend time with me.

Anyway - great hat. Lucky friend. Best wishes to said friend for a speedy and complete recovery.

Ed said...

Hi Don
I have started one of these hats and have found some of the pattern confusing. Mainly what do you do after you complete the 11th row for the brim and you still have to do rows to 15 for the top. I am sure I am missing a really simple thing here but after studying the pattern for hours...I just can not seem to get it. Any help you could offer would be very appreciated.
I love the way your hat looks...great colors.

yarmando said...

Ed, the first couple times I knit this, I needed two row counters Actually, I used a Post-It note to mark my place on the brim, and my row counter to keep track of the crown. I got familiar enough with the pattern that I can now "eye-ball" the brim to see where I am.

But it does get confusing to keep track of two different row repeats.