Monday, August 21, 2006

Matt's Gigantic Balls

[Apologies to those of you who read this through Bloglines or other RSS readers. I upgraded to the new Blogger Beta, and that seems to have republished my posts. Didn't mean to spam your aggregators.]

Hung out for a good chunk of Saturday at the Merc (story on Randy's blog) where I snapped this picture with my crappy camera phone:

That's Matt, showing off his enormous balls. Matt's knitting a sweater from mop cotton. Seriously, that is some gigantic yarn. His gauge is like 1.5 stitches per inch. The sweater is going to weigh a ton, and when it's wet I'm pretty sure Gus (did I get that name right?) will be immobilized. But it looks cool. I want one.

Great day; lot of laughing.


Anonymous said...

Damn, see, I knew I was adopted. Look at the size of those things!

JoVE said...

Thanks for letting us know what happened. I wondered why I had a whole pile of posts yesterday.

A sweater out of mop cotton only sounds appealling if you don't think about it too long.

FiberQat said...

So what you do with a mop cotton sweater is this. Put it on victim, get it wet, sew the wrists together and the neck shut, then lock him outside of the cabin.

Oh. This isn't camp? Darn.

Anonymous said...

actually, the guage is 1.625 to the inch! and yep, the sweater will weigh approx. 3 pounds! the cool thing is that its 115 yrds to the pound. one could hammer one out in a weekend!

Cat Herself said...

I am missing all kinds of fun knitting stuff! Ok - once my son is back in school, I'm thinking I need to designate some time each week to knit with a friend. I'll really try to be serious about this. Of course, the week of my sister's wedding (gack!) is already crazy . . . but all the more reason why I'll need some sanity time!