Friday, September 08, 2006

Weapons Check

The arsenal for Sock Wars 2006 will be DK yarn and size 5 needles. I'm not the least bit surprised, but it seems to be causing some consternation in comment threads and the Sock Wars forum.

I immediately thought of my stash of Philosopher's Wool that has utterly failed to become a sweater. (It was a valuable moment of self-discovery: I like knitting textures; I don't like knitting colors). I had some work-related podcast listening to do, so I cast-on for a gauge tube. After work, I finished the tube, cut it in half, and measured.

Stitches per inch is good; I'm right abound 22. I'm coming up short for rows per inch though -- Yarn Monkey says 30, I have 34, but I don't expect that to be a problem. (You know, that was my gauge problem with the Wild Things crown. There are tight knitters and loose knitters; I wonder if I'm a "short" knitter?)

Nevertheless, this yarn should do nicely for the Sock of Doom.


auntgerry said...

Did you really use size 5 needles? I have never been able to knit socks on anything except 1's or 2's. It is way tooooo loosy goosy if I go to bigger needles. Also do you think you can get two socks with 50g's. I think it will be twice that.
Shudder,Shudder the auntie is knitting to kill.

Cat Herself said...

I bought some yarn that is a delight to my hands, and I had a set of #5 dpns. I purchased 100 gms just in case. :-) I knit a swatch but forgot that I should probably do it in the round. I'm not very good (or experienced) in swatching because I'm usually too lazy to bother. How many stitches and rows should I knit for this tube?

yarmando said...

Aunt Gerry, I wouldn't use size 5 on sock yarn, but Sock Wars calls for thicker yarn.

Cat, I don't usually bother with gauge swatches either. I did a couple tubes and flat swatches, and there's a definite difference.

If I really wanted to do it right, this is probably what I'd do: cast on about 30 stitches, do seed stitch for a few rows, then knit my tube stockinette with the first 8-10 stitches in the round continuing up the seed stitch. After the stockinette portion is 4 inches, I'd finish off with more seed stitch, bind off, then cut the tube in half lengthwise through the seed stitch.