Monday, May 21, 2007

Why is this man stalking me?

It's just so inconvenient, but this man seems to be stalking me.

His voice (which is strong and clear but a little soulless) on my iPod, his face on my desktop, videos of him playing Captain Jack in Torchwood hogging my bandwidth.*

Speculation is that Captain Jack is once again traveling with the Doctor, and I can't tell you how worried I am that he may show up unexpectedly with this guy:

I may have to knit a Dalek just to defend myself.

* Yes, I used BitTorrent to download Torchwood Season 1. I was perfectly willing to buy the DVD's but I don't have a Region 2 player.

PS to Bloglines users: Sorry the pictures are so huge; didn't expect that. But then you're getting the full effect of just how homely these men are. (^_^)


Mel said...

Do a search online to see if you can find a hack for your DVD player to convert it to all regions. Not all players have them, but if you can find one, it might expand your options.

FiberQat said...

Are you sure you haven't found any unexplained wounds? It's possible he's planted a device on you so that you can be tracked anywhere. Muwahahahahahaaaa!

Anonymous said...

Travis and I have been waiting semi-patiently for Captain Jack to pop up in the new season of Who as well... I hope when he does, he has more fun than he seemed to have in Torchwood - I think the weight of being the guy in charge was starting to wear on him.

I was great being able to hang out with you and Matty at least a little bit today - Gail and I don't get out much. :)