Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back to the Couch

I'm sorry to report that, after a mere 4 training days, my Couch-to-5K exercise plan has faltered and failed. My right ankle began complaining on the second day, and it became clear over the next two runs that this won't simply go away if I just soldier on. I skipped Wednesday's run to give my ankle more time to rest after Monday, bought an ankle stabilizer, and tried it out this morning. Just a few steps was enough to tell me it won't be enough.

You may not believe this, but I'm genuinely disappointed. I was proud of myself for taking this on, and proud of my modest success, considering I haven't seriously exercised regularly in years. I felt inspired to keep with this, and while I know that feeling won't last, it was important to keep me going through the first months.

Maybe I'll get my ankle looked at after my vacation next week, have the doctor tell me what's going on and whether I can try again. I know I should find something low impact which I can do no matter the weather, but nothing else appeals, and it's demoralizing.


Anonymous said...

how about swimming?

I know, the Thigh-Master!!!

Mel said...

If it's the ankle, you probably have issues with pronation or supination that the shoe isn't addressing adequately. You might look at getting better insoles for it, too. And of course, see your physician and maybe see a physical therapist.

Still waiting to get an appointment with the PT's about my knee.

Anonymous said...

That sucks. :( Hope your ankle heals well. But vacation next week! That's happy! :)

Travis and I were looking for the Yiddish Policemen book the other day at the Kenyon College bookstore, to no avail. I think they would have had it, except the store was in the middle of what looked like a pretty big remodel. Nevertheless, we thought of you! :)

Unknown said...

Sorry about the ankle man. That really sucks. I'm glad someone is motivated to exercise. It sure as hell isn't me. i did get the book Jacki was talking about at Powell's Books while I was in Portland, but haven't had time to read it yet. Jacki is having the first go at it. Have a good vacation!

Cat Herself said...

Running is awful. I agree with Micah - try swimming . . . or water aerobics! Wanna check out where I go?

Also - I absolutely love that sock pattern. Now I need to decide which yarn to use next. Are you ready for the helix?

Oh yea, I could probably chat w/you through email, huh?

Can't sleep because of too many decongestants.