Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's like my body is crying

Because I worked a 13-hour day yesterday and have a program tonight, I took this morning off. I decided a little exercise would make me feel better about myself. (I saw myself on TV last week. The camera adds 15 pounds. Being next to Anietra Hamper adds at least another 15). I have a DVD from Netflix of 10-minute fitness ball workouts, so I thought I'd give one of those a try.


Back at the computer, I ran across today's Penny Arcade cartoon which was funny and timely.


Unknown said...

Are you kidding? You look GREAT on TV, even next to that frighteningly thin woman! You spoke well, too - excellent job.

Berenice... said...

kGood end of week… has a good night… here in Brazil 20:45 hrs.

Anonymous said...

You look fabublous on TV. If Jim whats-his-name, the weather guy, did the interview, you would feel like a million bucks. Seriously, you did a great job.

We miss you at knitting, come back soon.

rcclive said...

You look like a grownup, which is more than I can usually say.

Many years ago a friend's young cousins visited from Arizona. One of the kids, indeed, thought he was going to die - he'd never seen sweat stand on his skin before. Ah, Indiana in the summertime ... lc2