Saturday, July 26, 2008

Copycat Spiral Yoke

Last year, I was out in Maine when BrooklynTweed posted photos of Cobblestone on his blog. I should have started knitting it immediately. Instead, I started knitting something else that I just had to frog in favor of the Cobblestone. His Spiral Yoke sweater looks intriguing, but I have my doubts. Still, I've learned my lesson:

Obey the Tweed.

I made my sister drive me to yarn stores in search of some worsted merino. I hit the jackpot at Purl Diva. Loki the shop dog was hopped up on dog treats and kept barking at me, but Ellen was great. She looked up the sweater on Ravelry, suggested good alternative yarns, and I found ample amounts.

I've started the project three times, trying to get the tubular cast-on right. Finally, I found TECHknitter's instructions. Easy to follow, quick, and with a beautiful result. I was so turned on by this cast-on that I....

Well, I better just stop there.

Thanks, Gerald, for the bit of Blimey that not only completed Mike's socks but provided a bright contrasting tail for the tubular cast-on.

I'll work on this until the Olympics start. I've joined Team Browncoat in Ravelympics, hoping to complete the Wash Sweater before the Olympic flame goes out on August 24.


Cat said...

That pattern looks awesome! I might even try one! I'm still contemplating making Simon a sweater - I have yarn for it - but I still think it's probably ludacris, since he's growing so much.


Michael said...

I understood about seven words in that post, one of which was my own name, but I gotta say that Yarmando was really, really excited about his cast-on. I think he wanted to take it out on a date.

Diane in Chico, CA said...

I love the Techknitter blog. She's doing a wonderful public service.

I learned tubular cast on from Mary Rowe's KNITTED TAMS, page 16, which is another one of my favorite things.


knittingbrow said...

I'm glad the yarn came in handy!

And the spiral sweater is a good looking sweater!

Let me know how the date goes with the cast-on. :)