Wednesday, August 06, 2008

License Plate Time Again

Any day now, I should be getting my renewal notice from the DMV. We know that TOE UP is out of the question. My favorite contenders are these:

I'm most partial to MUWAHAA. I'd rather have MWAHAHA, but it wasn't available. BWAHAHA is available, but sounds more like I'm erupting in a guffaw than chuckling evilly.


Bethany said...

Loving the license plates. I'd say go with MUWAHAA

Anonymous said...

Muwaha is too funny, jusy like you. go for it.

Hey, is Brooklyn Tweeds Spiral the EZ pattern? I've been wanting to knit one.

Unknown said...

I'm with MUWAHAA also.

BookBukNut said...

I like Soknitr myself!