Saturday, September 20, 2008


When I got the Wii, I knew I should also get the Wii Fit. I figured it would make a good Xmas present, so I put it on my wishlist. About a week ago, I realized that that was just a lame excuse to put off exercising until the end of the year.

The Wii Fit wonders why I don't fall down when I walk. I'm not kidding.

It calculates your Wii age based on your actual age, your BMI, and (at least in my case) your score in a couple balance tests. I'm terrible at the balance tests. I can't stop over-correcting when my balance indicator shifts out of the target position the game wants it to be. Yesterday I got lucky, and the random tests didn't ask me to shift my weight: only to stand perfectly still and to walk in place. My Wii age is 25, but I know it will spring back up to the mid-40's when I test it again.

Others have complained that the Fit's principle measurement of success is weight. My weight is pretty good; my BMI score is a click or two above ideal, but still within normal. Fit suggests I drop 15 pounds to get my BMI down to 22. After a couple days of resisting, I started actually trying, cutting out desserts, snacks, extra carbs.
Actual conversation that just happened: Mike walked into the room and said he was going to go pick up some donuts. "Do you want anything?"

"No, thanks. Well, maybe I should eat something."

"I'm going to Donut Kitchen."

"Oh, well, then nothing, thanks."

"Want me to stop at Krogers?"


"Tim Horton's?"


"Dodger," Mike says, addressing the cat who is waiting for his morning dose of butter, "Daddy's being cranky."
Weightloss and domestic tranquility: it's going to be a tough balancing act.


--S. said...

It's the "daily dose of butter" that I most enjoy about this post.

Cat Herself said...

dieting sucks

Matt....... said...

"tough balancing act".....
Here Here!

BookBukNut said...

Best of luck-I too am trying to cut back. Sigh, getting older sucks.

Anonymous said...

I'm also doing the Wii Fit thing - for just over a month so far. I'm pretty amused at some of the things it says - not for the superbly low-of-self-esteem, lol. I think what cracked me up the most was when the "bar" rises to show you your BMI/Weight...and your Mii fattens up accordingly on the side!

I do wish you could click past some of the "want a hint" stuff faster...only so many times I want to read the same thing! Good luck with your far it's doing good stuff for me combined with the new lower fat diet (cholesterol went from 250 - 184 and I've lost about 5 lbs. In a month!).