Sunday, December 06, 2009


Just finished knitting up the front and joining those front panels to the back on this sweater.

It wasn't until I put the photo on my computer and rotated it 90° that I noticed the problem. It's rather more visible in the photo than it is in real life, but yeah, it's definitely there.

What do you think? Live with it? Or unpick the shoulder seam and rip back?


Cabbage said...

can you try it on and get someone's opinion? when you're wearing it it might not be visible.

Unknown said...

I'd rip it back and make it right.

Mel said...

Rip back. Otherwise it'll be just like the Telltale Heart or Lady Macbeth's spot, taunting you constantly and driving you mad(der).

knittingbrow said...

Rip back.
I agree with Mel. It will taunt you.

Jeremy said...

It will make you crazy. Rip it back.

Unknown said...

If it is a sweater for me, leave it. If it is a sweater for you, rip it back. It will bother you forever. I'd find the quirkiness of it interesting and use it as a story-starter.

Karen said...

Hello, one of your minions here.
Tripped over your socks on ravelry, which led me to your laboratory, then to this blog. Good luck with spinning and the sweater knitting.

Your latest minion,