Saturday, January 21, 2006

Moebius obsession

The second issue of MenKnit is out, and the "Cha Ching Moebius Scarf" was one of those patterns that sent me immediately to the stash to start working on. I was pulled up short when I discovered the pattern doesn't actually explain how to do the Moebius Cast-On unvented by Cat Bohrdi. I've knit moebii before, following instructions like these, but I found it hard to get started and disliked the ridge running through the middle of the scarf. Bohrdi's method is superior: a reviewer at Amazon pretty aptly describes it as "the invisible cast on worked with the circular needle's coil serving as the waste 'yarn.'"

Searching for the yarn that the designer recommends -- Reynold's Odyssey -- I hit six LYS's in two days (central Ohio is a knitter's paradise). No Odyssey to be found, but lots of other yummy substitute possibilities. At the last store, I broke down and bought the Manos that I'd been eyeing everywhere else.

In no time at all, I had 200 stitches cast onto my 60" size 9, and I was off, guided by the toss of six coins (a la I Ching) on this Moebius adventure.

Not bad, but I wasn't completely satisfied. I went ahead and ordered some of the recommended Odyssey on-line, so that's on its way. But too impatient to wait for it, I bought some Mountain Colors Twizzle, a beautiful and soft blend of merino and silk.

No I Ching guidance for this one; just 4 rounds knit, 4 rounds purl, repeated three times. Mike is happy -- he'd been clamoring for a soft purple scarf, and this fits the bill nicely. And it wasn't nearly as boring as the plain garter stitch scarf I thought I'd wind up making him.

I'm kind of in a scarf rut now, with three lingering scarves-in-progress, more moebii planned, and a felted chainmail scarf creation still lurking in the wings. I've also got three pair of socks started and an unfinished sweater: more WIPs than I've ever had.


Anonymous said...

Don...I swear I had to do a double-take when I clicked on the link to the moebius scarf! I thought the man modeling the scarf was YOU! :) Wendy G.

Cat Herself said...

Fabulous! I'll do that as soon as I figure out if I've ruined these socks I just started! Yes! I've gotten stuff and I'm knitting. I may need intervention soon, as this is my first project in . . umm . . . 10 years?

yarmando said...

That's the designer Witt Pratt in the picture.

Let me know if you want sock guidance.

Cat Herself said...

Thanks for the offer! I might call on you, but for today I'm going to head over to the Merc (as Jerry calls it) after church.

Anonymous said...

Cat did amazingly on her sock!

She's a natural.