Saturday, February 11, 2006

Show off

"I hear you knit socks," someone said to me before a meeting yesterday. Now there's a conversation starter I can't resist. Kinda brings out the show-off in me too, and yesterday I was prepared: when she went on to say,"Have you seen the new Nancy Bush book?" I pulled out the pair of "Gentleman's Fancy Socks" that I'm working on.

In Mountain Colors Bearfoot, adapted to my preferred toe-up, two at once, Magic Loop method. I love the texture of this stitch with its little, staggered bricks. Simple too: 8 rounds of K2P2 rib, 2 rounds plain knit, 8 rounds of P2K2, and then 2 more plain knit rounds.


Calvin said...

That is a very nice pattern and the socks look great.

yarmando said...

Thanks, Calvin. The pattern looks better when the sock isn't stretched around a foot. When I put it on, it just looks like a checkerboard of knit and purl blocks.

Nancy Bush's pattern recommends finer gauge and more stitches in the circumference than I did, so maybe in her version the pattern holds its flair even when worn.

Anonymous said...

Don, Those socks look GREAT! I'm going to have to try them out now. Thanks for posting the pattern.