Friday, February 24, 2006

Starting Socks

(I long to be an ebullient blogger, freely sharing my ample wit with an adoring public. I wish I were more like Franklin or Marilyn, but I'm just not. Instead, the best I can do is boring shit like this. But to the few who faithfully check back hoping I'll say something interesting, bless you).

I've been thinking a lot (too much?) about the toes of my toe-up socks. My usual method has some drawbacks -- not the fact that I don't really do both socks at once (I complete one toe, set it aside, complete the second, then start working both together). No, the problem is that the short-row method creates a line of loops on the inside. I can feel them with my toes.

Despite my fondness for the Patricia Gibson-Roberts yarn-over method of short rows, I admit that the more traditional "wrapping" of a stitch makes a tighter, cleaner result. I seem only last week to have overcome my learning disability with picking up the wraps correctly.

There are still loops on the inside, but they're smaller.

The breakthrough? It wasn't the Short Row How-To Guide published in the Winter 2004 Interweave Knits. It was the Shortrow Spiral afghan square I contributed to the blanket my list siblings made for Charles.


Anonymous said...

Should I ever get that good! Great pics Don.

Unknown said...

That is the exact yarn I used for my second pair of socks! I really like the feel of it on my feet. . . but Simon has stolen them for his own, despite the purple.