Sunday, March 04, 2007

New Project-itis

I've got three active projects right now. The Camel Gansey is zipping along, and I'm at the point that I need to decide how long the plain area will be (all the way up to the sleeves?) and then chart out the patterned area for the chest. It's a critical part of the project, and I have to be careful not to lose momentum. However, I've already started two new projects.

I snagged some Cider Moon "Glacier" skeins at their trunk show a couple weeks back, and started a pair of socks.

The black toe is in "Johnny Cash" colorway, and the red is "Cayenne." I'm planning to give these to Mike's mom, who will like the bright red (being legally blind, she doesn't see much color) and who has yet to get a decent pair of socks from me. I hope Tallguy posts notes on his new toe-up gusset and heel flap method soon. I'm dying to try it.

Working on these from both ends of the skein has given me an idea for a center-pull ball holder which can make such a task easier. I've sketched out some concepts for everyone's favorite knitting contractor to think about.

At the trunk show, I saw their Lillehammer hat and got a copy of the pattern. I'm not wasting this yarn on a hat, so I picked up some Brown Sheep "Nature Spun" and started working on that last night. The picture isn't great, but I'm digging the ribbing band: K1P1 rib, with the knit stitches in one color and the purls in another. Neat effect.


Matt....... said...

You are going to have to show me the 2 color k1p1 trick! I saw cables done that way once and it was a really cool effect....Get your sketches to me cause the quarters almost over and I'll finally have some free time on my hands......

Cat Herself said...

I'm enjoying the Lillehammer hat pattern, too. It was great for doing on the plane to San Jose, but I was too tired to concentrate on the way back. I worked on Si's cabled scarf, and I read a trashy romance instead.