Saturday, April 14, 2007

Working the new pattern

Not much excitement around here. Work, eat, knit, watch TV, read, sleep, repeat. But I have been testing out the new sock formula, and I'm pleased. These green ones will be for me when they're finished, but I've set them aside to finish gifts.

The blue ones are for Debbie, who likes her socks shorter. The yarn is "Tiny Toes," a tightly spun merino, much like Koigu. After an evening of knitting, I had a dark line across my index finger where the dye rubbed off the yarn.

The dark yellow/light brown socks are Koigu, the pattern adapted from Knitting Vintage Socks. The lace and variegated yarn are probably a little too busy together, but I think the recipient will be pleased.

I'm also working on a tweedy gray pair of lace socks, using Trekking yarn and the "Feather & Fan" pattern from Socks Socks Socks.

Meanwhile, the gansey has sat untouched for weeks.


Emma said...

Wow, lots of socks in progress there. I love those gray feather and fan ones. Those will be gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

hmm... I have the same work ethic.

The socks are great. I think the feather and fan ones look like a snake head. A scary snake.

Are you feeling better?

Charles said...

As guy knitter..I really love to knit sock too~~~~

Visit my blof sometime!!

Cat Herself said...

All beautiful socks!