Saturday, June 23, 2007

Library 2.0 Socks

I completed the Library 2.0 socks for Michael Doctor Stephens. I'm quite pleased with these. I love how the Spooky knits up. The color pooled a bit opposite the heel, but that's because I threw in some increases for a roomier gusset, which makes these socks fit really well.

What makes them "Library 2.0?" Because I started them right after meeting Michael in person, listening to him kvell about the possibilities of social technologies reshaping library services. It just "felt right" to try to customize the design for him.

I don't know that my ribbing experiment is completely successful. As I said, I based it on the braille for "L2.0", using purl stitches for the braille dots. To make the pattern stand out more, I doubled the rows (so the ribbing repeat is 12 rounds high rather than 6). I don't think it will really catch on as the "official" Library 2.0 sock ribbing. Let's call it a beta.


Karen said...

Another Ohioan and Cider Moon junkie thinks your socks are great! :-)

Anonymous said...

How neat to find another knitting librarian! I found you via the Taming the Web blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing my first ever knit socks today for the first time. What a coincidence! We will have to talk knitting sometime-- next OLC conference, perhaps? I wish I were staying the whole time-- I could knit in the Big Bar on 2. I assume it is still called that.

See my socks?
--Karen Miller