Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is this what I think it is?

A patent for knitted socks that fit? WTF?

I've become dissatisfied with my sock toes. A while back, Stephen mentioned anatomically-correct toes. I was searching for instructions, and ran across this.


Unknown said...

Heck, I can barely even understand the abstract for that patent. What the heck are they talking about? What does the patent mean? Does that mean no one else can knit a similar sock, or is it just a patent on that exact sock pattern? Is it really hand-knitting, or are they talking about machine-produced socks?

Unknown said...

todsiThat patent description sounds like Thor-Lo tm socks to me. I've been knitting anatomically shaped toes since the mid 90's; based on a conversaation with Pris Gibson-Robberts. I'll be happy to send you how I do them if you wish. SIL likes his socks; he gets 2 pair a year-Christmas and birthday in June. May