Friday, November 16, 2007

Very brief break from socks

Last weekend, I had one of those happy moments when I was vaguely interested in knitting something different, saw a pattern that appealed to me, and found the perfect yarn sitting in my stash.

A couple years ago, the Stash Fairy had provided me with some lovely, blue, baby alpaca cashmere -- I think trying to tempt me into lace shawls. I decided it would be perfect to make the Henry scarf from the Fall issue of Knitty.

And I initially enjoyed the project. I crept forward, carefully following the instructions, not really understanding the purpose of the odd stitch repeats (right side: k2, sl2 wyif; wrong side: p2, sl2 wyib) until I suddenly realized that I was creating a woven effect.

But criminently, these rows are long -- 452 stitches. And if you screw up the positioning of your repeats, you lose the herringbone effect which is the whole point. Still, I figured I would get to the point that I could "read" the fabric, and could stop counting obsessively.

I would be wrong. I was sitting on an airplane, reaching the end of row 34, when I discovered that the whole row is off. Worse, when I sat down yesterday to start picking back, I realized that row 33 is off too. I'm not sure I like this well enough to tink 900 stitches.

Like a fool, this was the only project I brought with me on my trip. So yesterday, Mom and I popped up to Halcyon so I could return to sock land. One skein of Sockotta and a set of 40" Addi Turbos, and I'm back where I belong.


Unknown said...

Haha-- some days are just like that.

But isn't your Mom great to let you get more sock yarn and Addi needles. Only your mother knows what makes you happy!

rcclive said...

I don't remember openly trying to tempt you into lace shawl knitting. Having spent years denying that I would ever try lace, I know it's something you have to decide to do on your own.

(That doesn't mean I won't pass on more stash as time goes by) - lc2

Unknown said...

I can't believe you only took one project with you! What were you thinking???

Thanks for the phone pic. I even figured out how to view it! LOL I rang you when I was desperately looking for someone to take our extra Spamalot Ticket, but after one or two rings I realized that you were (d'oh!) not in the state.