Saturday, March 01, 2008

Tweed Pullover

I finished the tweed pullover.

The bottom is a little wrinkly from the drive to where the photoshoot took place. Special thanks to JKLsemi for the pictures. (Portraits aren't really her thing; check out the pictures she took today that are more typical of her work).

I want to reblock the sweater. As expected, the ribbing pulled it in pretty snuggly, so I had to stretch it out, but now the bottom flairs more than I'd like. It's also just a tad too short. But I'm picking at it; friends have told me they think it's the best I've done so far.


Anonymous said...

It looks good. Take a deep breath and look at it again.

Unknown said...

The sweater and the photo both look fantastic. I'm jealous on anyone who has the attention span needed to knit a sweater. :)

knittingbrow said...

the sweater looks good. and you look happy with it. I'd like to see the details of the sleeves and such.

I wasn't able to link to the other photos.

yarmando said...

Thanks, Jove and Jacki. Re-blocking helped.

KB, I fixed the photo link. Must've been a copy/paste error.

Anonymous said...

Great sweater! I love that color and the cool ribbing details.

I am hoping to finish a sweater soon.


Ken said...

Great looking sweater! I'm hoping the one that I'm working on looks as good! Wish me luck!!