Sunday, February 24, 2008

I bought feet

In the excitement of all the cleaning, I forgot to mention these:

Yep, I bought feet. Lately, all the socks I've been making have looked misshapen when photographed on flat sock blockers, so I decided I needed a mannequin foot. Eventually, I discovered that the correct term is "hosiery form," and I found an eBay store that carried them. I bought the women's form (on the left) first, and then decided to get I needed the men's form as well.

Here's the form in action, displaying my current sock in progress: "Fountain Foxglove" from New Pathways, with an eye-of-partridge heel.

These were promised to my boss at Christmas, so I need to get cranking on them. But I've been distracted by progress on the tweed pullover. I finished the second sleeve and connected the sleeves to the body yesterday.

My plan is to continue that stripe of ribbing up the sleeves and over the shoulder. I'm pretty sure I'll have to block the ribbing out flat or the sweater will be too tight, but it's going to be sharp when it's done.


Unknown said...

The mannequin feet freak me out - how do they stay upright? Are there weights in the toe or something? It looks like they're defying gravity! :0

--S. said...

Is it wrong that I want to take artsy, close-up pictures of your hosiery forms?

yarmando said...

Yep, there's some heavy stuff in the toes. They freaked me out a bit when I got them. I felt like some creepy fetishist when I was bidding on the second one.

S., it may be wrong, but you may borrow them if you want. Might go well with the hand.

Ken said...

The sweater looks great and I love the ribbed stripe up the sleeves. That will indeed look sharp. Can't wait to see the finished project!