Friday, November 14, 2008

Sock Updates

No posts since Halloween? Clearly, I'm too lazy and boring to sustain a blog.

Here's the current sock in progress:

Standard fare, following my own Lesser Evil sock instructions and adding a simple but elegant twist on the usual cuff ribbing.

After finishing my Francie socks, I hunkered down for a bit in my secret lab to figure out how to clone that pattern from the toe-up. Turns out that it's not too hard:

But that experiment lies abandoned because, while the Francie sock looks cool, the truth is you can feel the ridges on the soles of your feet, which I know will drive most of my loved ones crazy. I even suspect that in this particular yarn I'm using, the socks will quickly leave blisters. I'm evil because my sock genius will overpower you, not because I actually want to inflict physical, sock-based harm.


Unknown said...

I think the word should be "geniousity".

FiberQat said...

So you're cuddly evil, not pointy evil. I think your Halloween pic should be your avatar.

Tallguy said...

No, I actually like the feel of these socks. I didn't notice any of the ribbing...maybe I'm really insensitve? Well, I've been told I have no sense before.

Thanks for your help with the pattern! I really enjoyed knitting them. Now, on to the next design!