Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mastermind Resized

If you or your loved ones are not fortunate enough to have medium-sized men's feet, you can now rejoice, because Mastermind Sizing Variations are now available.

Please let me know if you discover errors in the expanded pattern.


Amelia said...

So i posted on raverly as well cause you know i like to stalk a little in my spare time, this isn't a matermind sock question but a Evil Genius Question... Thanks for the free pattern BTW.

I have a question or two and wanted to know In turning the heel the instructions say to
K to 2 stitches before the end of heel stitches. M1, K1 W&T
P4 place marker..... M1, K1 W&T
K4 place market... etc

Being all noob at this i went with the detailed instructions which insead of the 4 stitches its 3
K to 2 stitches before the end of heel stitches. M1, K1 W&T
P**3** place marker..... M1, K1 W&T
K**3** place market... etc
this is where i as what do i do?

Right time for the other question...
My orginal circumference (nice maths btw) is 52 stitches therefore following the evil heel chart I should end up with 24 heel flap stitches BUT i can only get to 22 with out my turning markers ending up trying to hump each other. What do i do?

yarmando said...

Whoops. Sorry about the inconsistency between pattern and detail. I'll correct that.

On larger circumferences, I think it's better to work 4 stitches after the turn before placing your marker. But as you've found, with fewer stitches, you might run out of stitches before completing all your turns for the flap (even working just 3 stitches).

Since you'll want to work your heel flap over 24 stitches, you can either:

1. Work your last 2 (very) short rows without markers: M1, K1, W&T, P3, M1, P1, W&T.


2. Decide to be done with short rows, but move your heel markers one stitch away from each other.

Either way, you want to have 24 stitches between heel markers before proceeding.