Saturday, March 12, 2011

Presenting "Mastermind"

All of these changes in the way I make toes, gussets, and heels add up to a new basic sock pattern. I call it Mastermind.

Mastermind walks you through making a medium-sized men's sock. I'm working on padding out the pattern so that you can make larger and smaller socks, but I'm struggling to make those instructions clear and uncluttered. (It's the heel turn; doing that is complicated enough without having to make it work for 5 different sizes).

Anyway, thanks for reading along. I hope you give "Mastermind" a try. Let me know if you run into problems.


Anonymous said...

Will give your pattern a try sometime.
I'm using the magic loop method of knitting a sock for the first time and got the KnitPicks circs. in size 2 47". I got these needles becuase I've read that they don't curl up too much and the cord is more relaxed. I have dumped these needles in super hot water twice now and still they don't seem to stay relaxed. Is it because I got a too long a cord? Should I use a 32 or a 40? I also got the book on making socks toe-up 2 at a time and thought the 47" would be more useful for that.

yarmando said...

V., 47" is pretty long, but it is workable. I get some curl when I work, but it's manageable (just twisting one of my ends one way or another seems to take it out).

I prefer a 32" needle, even for two-at-a-time. And I generally work one-at-a-time, because doing both at the same time slows me down.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!