Friday, August 12, 2005

Dodger inspects

Dodger walked into the frame just as I was snapping this picture. I made these one at a time, "magic loop" style on a single circular needle (rather than both at the same time on two circs, my usual preference). I also tried out a tighter gauge; these are made on size 1 (2.25 mm) instead of 2 (2.5 mm).

Thankfully, Dodger doesn't often show an interest in my knitting. The only work-in-progress he's ever taken out of the basket and played with was a cashmere scarf I was knitting in the Matthew Shepard pattern. I think he likes yarn with goat hair. I've contemplated making him one of the felted kitty beds, but I suspect he'd just ignore it.


Anonymous said...

maybe Dodger would like some kitty paws (little socks for cats) :)


Unknown said...

Dodger is very cute. Is he named after the Dickens Character? Maybe the baseball team?
My cat, Mary Shelley, is in a picture with most of my projects. She usually won't get out of the picture until I take one, then she decides the flash is too much for her. My other cat, Fermi, is rarely in pictures of anything except finshed quilts. He is never disuaded by the flash, but he doesn't bite so it is safe to shoo him.