Thursday, August 18, 2005

Leftover Pi

Despite Dodger's indifference, I started another cat bed, this one out of leftover Lamb's Pride. (I have lots of this stuff, due to past obsessions with felted clogs and jester's hats). The color scheme isn't great, but's a cat bed. Whoever gets it can put it in the basement or something.

As a benefit, knitting this thing destroyed my size 13 circular needle.

Seriously, it's a benefit. I love Addi's, but the connecting tubes on the larger sizes are horrid: the yarn sticks to them rather than sliding smoothly (the cause of the breakage, I'm sure). Still, they're so expensive that I couldn't really justify replacing it with something better until it broke. I was thrilled to see that now the size 13's have the normal thin Addi connector.


Angela said...

Dang it. Now I'm being inspired to do a freakin' cat bed for Ferris.

On the positive side, if he actually did sleep in it, he might puke there rather than on my brand new comforter...

christa870desmond said...

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