Monday, August 15, 2005

I told you he'd ignore it

Despite my suspicion that he wouldn't care, I went ahead and knitted Dodger a Kitty Pi this weekend. How could I not? This is where he was sleeping while it was in the washer being felted.

Maybe when it gets a little cooler, he'll care. But for the time being he seems to prefer the comfort of a plastic bag.


Gretchen said...

Too cute! My cat Dusty looked like yours.

Anonymous said...

Dodger and my cat (Ferris) could be twins. Not only do they look alike, but they seem to have the same taste in cat beds. Of course, Ferris would take a paper bag hands down over anything that I could knit for him.

I'm quite impressed that you knit up the cat bed, and felted it over the course of a weekend. I've been working on the same dang sock for over a week now.... (note to self: MUST LEARN 2 SOCKS 2 CIRCS METHOD!!!)