Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Last shots fired

Sock Wars ended the Friday after Thanksgiving. A newbie assassin and slow post to Australia kept me alive to the end of the game. The survivors are supposed to be finishing the socks we're working on, so maybe I'll end up with Socks of Doom eventually. Here is the pair I finished for Taffy, my fourth and final victim.

Sock Wars had its moments. If it happens again, I probably won't join, but I'm glad I was part of it this year. If nothing else, I gained an appreciation for K3P3/K1P1 ribbing, and got lots of practice with traditional top-down construction. Now it's back to my toe-up ways.


Anonymous said...

Dang! You lived for a long, long time! I was just happy to make it through one round of killing. I'd be sick of that pattern after four pairs, myself!

Those look quite handsome.

rcclive said...

I hope you take the prize! I've enjoyed the wars as a spectator through your efforts (does this make me an armchair general?)
- lc2

Unknown said...

The end was rather anticlimatic, wasn't it? I'm delaying my SODs until my Xmas knitting is done. She'll just have to wait. Happy Birthday, Toad!

Mel said...

Well, hopefully you won't end up with oversized fuchsia-and-teal clown socks. They do at least help keep my feet warm and keep the cat hair off my real socks.