Saturday, December 30, 2006

More Magnetic Poetry

Found the serial killer poem made from the children's set:
I saw and
I told my friend and
my dog where she is
eating mud and
dreaming of red
so if you fly
they will follow
(1997 - children's set)
The word "will" is made from "wing+I+I." Some would say that's cheating, but I liked making words out of other words, and I'd let myself do it once per poem.

I also found this poem, which I'd forgotten about:


whisper hands
say the heart and
tell the mud in to man

cry inside

imagine that god
asks the sky to follow
the stars and moon down
in dark rain
(1997 - children's set)
"God" is made from "go+ed." I really like the line "tell the mud into man."


Anonymous said...

I totally think I threw my giant collection of magnetic poretry out when I moved! I even had the "dirty" set! I can't find it anywhere! ...odd that you brought this up...did you steal my magnetic poetry off the truck when I was moving? I'm thinking I may have to buy a new set; I've got a metal front door! It'd just be for the benefit of my neighbors.

Cat Herself said...

Excellent work. I really like them all. Amazing what you can get from a children's set.