Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Magnetic Poetry

I'm starting to pack up my office, and this means taking down the various magnetic poems I have stuck around. (My tendency is to make poems out of the various kits and leave them in place).

These first two were poems I wrote with the words that came with a metal mug. The mug would get too hot to hold, so I moved the poems onto a filing cabinet.
"On the metal cup"
my head is void
my language iron
& bitter ice
morning's gift
is the dream of magic
and the elaborate
whisper of caffeine
(Feb 1998)

"On the metal cup II"
I like my
winter brewed
black with freshly
ground desire and
poured steaming
into sweet dry
(Feb 1999)
This one was made using an abbreviated children's set. I was inspired by the juxtaposition of the words before you separate them, and I've hyphenated the words that are stuck together.
"A Leave-'em-Together Experiment"
laugh s
or whispers funny dream-candy
and if you-ask me
I have-want ed only [on+fly]
when we are together
Year's ago, S. and I were challenging ourselves to write disturbing poems using the children's set. Mine was about a serial killer; S.'s was about identity theft and ennui. I'll have to hunt for those.

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--S. said...

Ah, those were the days, so young and happy-go-lucky.

I also had a lovely one about road kill, if I remember correctly. I'm sure I still have a file of them somewhere. Now *that's* an exciting blog idea: a photo and magnetic poem a day!