Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cider Mooning

I've finally finished the first pair of socks I started in Cider Moon yarn.

The toe is in "Johnny Cash" and the rest is in "Cayenne." The construction method, as I mentioned earlier, I got from Sensational Knitted Socks: it's knit toe-up, but the construction method is the same as top down, with reinforced heel flap on the bottom.

I'm also working on these socks in "Casablanca." They are tests of a new pattern for my Toe-Up Sock Class. It's been awhile since I timed myself; this is how far I get in 3 hours.

And I started these (in "Spooky") last week during a library technology conference, casting on during Michael Stephens' keynote. Michael, who certainly has better things to do with his time, reads my blog (I'm guessing this post got his attention), and told me that he thought it was great to see me making the socks in person. Flattery will get you anywhere, particularly if you're a rock star in my profession. So Michael, if you're reading, send me your address, and the socks are yours. I even created a special ribbing pattern for the cuff, basing it on the braille cells for "L2.0".


Anonymous said...

My, what beautiful socks you have! Not that I'm biased or anything. :) The Cayenne ones turned out great, and I'm enjoying seeing how the Spooky is knitting up (because we didn't have any time to actually knit a sample of that one, so we had no idea how it was going to look). I have your toe-up sock tutorial printed out, by the way, and intend on spending some time studying it and seeing if I can make it work, since I've never toed-up before.

Unknown said...

Are those Cayenne socks comfortable with the heel done that way? Does it make the heel a little padded?

I still need a lesson in toe-up. What size/type of needles should I get? I'll get my supplies (after payday) and hound you some Monday night soon.