Thursday, September 27, 2007

Still Inappropriate

My request for reconsideration of the license plate "TOE UP" was denied. I am allowed one more appeal, in writing. My planned argument is that slang is fleeting, but sock knitting has a rich and varied history (even toe-up construction). I plan also to question the authoritativeness of the Urban Dictionary, and suggest that any reference which accepts public contributions can get things wrong. The term they are objecting to is actually "tore up," not "toe up."

As I said before, not holding my breath. But it's worth a try. Any suggestions for my argument from you all are welcome.


Jeanne said...

Maybe "TOES UP" might pass muster?

Unknown said...

I suggest you find other words in the Urban Dictionary that are clearly bogus definitions. Disqualify their source as best you can. I have posted your query on [a href=""] Wordcraft, where I regularly read and post, to see if they have any other supporting evidence of the unreliability of Urban Dictionary.

Unknown said...

Dang! That link didn't come through. OK - go to Check out the Forums, Questions and Answers about Words, Toe Up.


Anonymous said...

In response to cat's appeal over at wordcraft I picked a couple of words at random from the Urban Dictionary (which we have discussed - and dismissed at length there).

To show just what kind of reference source they are using take a look at these "defintions" from the UD big bok of complete nonsense.

PENGUIN (62 definitions among which you will find...)

An extremely cool bird that will kill all who do not absolutly love it and has the potential to invent space travel and wish to establish a colony on Pluto

A penguin is one of the two magical creatures of Earth. They are extremely skilled at martial arts and are reliable agents of espionage. Penguins can traverse quickly through the water and are unaffected by sub-arctic temperatures. Penguins claim to be the original pioneers of space travel.

IT'S FLUFFY BIRD NOT A FUCKING BLOW JOB. Sometimes it eats popcorn in the morning. And sometims it wears a WIMPLE ON ITS ICY HEAD.

The creature you can steal from Antartica without authorities noticing.

small aquatic bird that I want as a pet to swim through my foyer once I own a gigantic manshion

The most powerfull and potent creature on the face of the Earth. Bent on controlling the worlds major vacum factories....... they want the world too... And the cheese-flavoured fish.


Gobshite who supports Liverpool FC (redshite), wears lots of scarves, badges and XXL replica shirts bought from local market but has never been near Anfield. Normally appears slightly retarded,overweight and in need of a wash. Shouts and applauds loudly and stupidly at TV when the redshite are on Sky. Has no friends.


something that sits in the ground and remains in the same spot for hundreds of years but manages to jump out in front of you on your way home from the pub


A cd player that only has three cds:

Linkin park


The sound made by wolves with rabies when they are outside your house waiting to come in and eat you. Also made by mountain lions and even emus.

Virtually any word you can thing of produces similar rubbish. I can't believe that anyone would use this as a reference source when 90% of it is stuff like this.

Hit 'em with everything you've got.

Bob from wordcraft

Anonymous said...

Sorry about all the typos in the last comment. Sometimes my brain is faster than my fingers. The quotes are accurate though. They were cut and pasted from the UD.

yarmando said...

Hey! Thanks, Cat, for bringing this to the Wordcraftians (Wordcraftsmen? Wordcrafters?). And those are great examples, Bob. I appreciate the help.