Saturday, September 01, 2007

Further along the New Pathways

I had better success following a particular pattern in New Pathways for Sock Knitters. This is Bordhi's Dove Sock, knit with Bearfoot in the Pheasant colorway. ("Dove?" Pheasant?" The hilarity continues). Note: Dodger wanted his foot in the picture too.

Overall, I recommend the book, with the caveat that I think the socks are a little weird-lookin'. As ingenious and innovative as Bordhi's new pathways are, the socks seem fat, because some of the overall allowance for the heel is created in the arch expansion. When the socks aren't on a foot, they don't look like feet. I prefer the shape (and fit) of socks with just a short-row heel cup and no heel flap.

Still, this book has forever changed how I manage the wrapped short-rows, and made me a bigger fan of the method of increasing she uses, which will probably henceforth be widely known as La-Link and La-Rink. (Check out Bordhi's video demo on YouTube). I expect I'll be experimenting with some arch increases in my socks for a long time.


Beth said...

I'm ready to work the heel on my first class sock (the Sky one). I've never been great with wraps but I'm trying to keep an open mind. The way hers works, boggles mine. :)

Mary Lou said...

I'll be interested in hearing how they wear. Are they comfy in shoes?

Soulknitting said...

I'm working on the Foxglove Master Pattern sock. I find that the Lrinc is leaving a small hole in my sock fiber. Is it doing that to you too?

This is my second ever sock and my first toe-up Magic Loop. And yes, I'm finding the pattern wider than my last (and only made-by-me) sock. But I was hoping that had to do with the arch expansion.

I'll be back to see how your socks are going. Do you have plans to do another sock from her book? soulknitting at