Saturday, February 23, 2008

February New Gadget Lust

There seems to be something about this season that makes me want new electronics. I'm guessing it has something to do with Christmas toys losing their shininess, and with income tax refunds waiving at me from my checking account.

I should be focused on buying a schmancy TV and an up-converting DVD player, but what I really want is a new phone. I want something iPhone-like, perhaps even an actual iPhone.

I want ubiquitous, convenient, handheld web access. I want to check my email from my phone; in particular, I would like to be able to use mobile Gmail, but the app doesn't run on Verizon devices. That just makes me want to abandon Verizon, but to do that, I would also have to move Mike and Nancy.

Someone send me the answer, please. Thanks.


Unknown said...

I would take a good look at phones before buying an Iphone. Cnet does great phone reviews/ratings.

The bad thing about At&t. Good luck using it outside the city.

.: tani :. said...

have you considered verizon's treo 755p? I read your post via google reader on blazer (palm mobile browser) and am replying from my treo too! gmail works rather well; google has a mobile version of gmail that I use via the web instead of a 3rd party app.. the downside is that it is not 'pushed' to you. if you are interested in wifi, you may want to wait...rumor has it that a new treo with wifi may come oit this year!