Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Jane Chord

From Slog, I learned this week about the Jane Chord: combine the first and last words of a book into a two-word sentence which just might reveal something interesting about the book. One description of the method says to skip articles when constructing the chord.

The book I'm currently reading, Declare by Tim Powers: "Young Day." (Or "Telephone River" if you skip the prologue and afterword).

The new Jim Butcher book on my bedside shelf: "Winter too."

Simple Socks, Plain and Fancy: "Socks repertoire."

The Golden Compass: "Lyra sky."

The Great Gatsby: "In past."

Last year, I noticed a trend among librarians to designate in their email signatures what they're currently reading. I've started doing that in my work account. I've noticed that it causes me to leave my signature block in place, rather than deleting it and signing with my initials, as I normally do for internal/informal mail. Give it a try. And go read this inspiring, passionate essay about the wonders and importance of reading.


Cat Herself said...

Great idea for the sig block. I might just try it tomorrow! No one really cares so much about my title and crap, anyway, really. OH well, maybe I'll leave those and replace my Big Bird quote.

Michael said...

Here in the library on a lovely Saturday, two random books:

Something Wicked This Way Comes: "First town" (it'd be even cooler if I could use the 6th word: "October town")

Da Vinci Code: "Renowned earth"