Saturday, May 17, 2008

Koolhaas for M

A friend has begun losing her hair during chemotherapy, so I decided it was time to put aside my obsession with evil and use my knitting powers for good.

Presenting Jared Flood's Koolhaas Hat in Rowan All Season Cotton. I loved it when I saw it on Jared's blog, but since I'd just knit three things after seeing him knit them first, I decided I needed to stop being a copycat. But when I found out M. needed a hat, this immediately leaped to mind. And it's even library-related, based on the windows at the Seattle Public Library.

Today is Columbus's Komen Race for the Cure. Maybe next year I'll be in shape for it. But meanwhile, I'll make a donation and encourage everyone to do the same.

Random bizarre thought: cancer drug companies should underwrite free mammograms since they create demand for their product.


Anonymous said...

That is not a random bizarre thought. It is actually the logical conclusion if you have the medical system you have.

Hope your friend gets through the chemo okay. The hat is beautiful.

Cat Herself said...

Kind of spooky how quickly you've gotten that hat completed. It is beautiful. Absolutely.

micah said...

yeah, did you knit that in like an hour? I mean, we were just talking about it and BAM! it's done.

What the heck ma, are you magic or something? I haven't even finished printing the patern out yet!