Saturday, May 10, 2008

Evil takes new direction

Big thanks to the underlings who voted in my poll.
  • 8% said it was better for smaller socks to be looser, relative to bigger socks
  • 16% said the opposite was true, and smaller socks should be relatively tighter.
  • 76% picked the obviously correct answer, which is that "tightness" is a variable that doesn't correlate with size.
But while you were distracted with these trivialities, I have put my genius to work and discovered new resources of sock-based evil.

The question, minions, is not how much bigger must you make a sock to accommodate the heel. Imagine that you begin with the knowledge of the circumference of heel and instep, and from there calculate how much smaller the sock should be to fit the foot and toes?



Michael said...

You lost me when you shifted to some form of Latin or Chinese halfway into your post. Just gimmie a new pair of colorful socks!

Cat Herself said...

No! Say it isn't so!