Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Halfdome, Topdown

I finished the crown on my top-down version of the halfdome cap.

And I've learned something: increases do not look the same as decreases. This was probably always perfectly obvious to everyone else, but my reading of Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top led me to believe otherwise. I can see where it sort of looks raglan-ish, but it's just not as attractive as the bottom-up version. Still, the advantages of not running out of color before finishing the top outweigh the beauty of the raglan decreases, if you ask me.

Apartment renovation update:
Molding is complete in the bathroom. Kitchen ceiling has been painted and the broken plastic light panels have been replaced. I'm sure my designated knitting contractor is correct and the whole thing needs more major repair, but it's an apartment, and up to the property managers and owners to decide how much work to do. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

true, but at least they are about done! I never thought about going top down for a hat. very tricky my friend. sorry we missed you last night.

Unknown said...

Matt, leave it to yarmando to find a new way of looking at every pattern. It's a gift he has.

I still like the raglan decreases better. Think I'll try one of these hats - the peer pressure is enormous with everyone else doing them! LOL Besides, I seem to have lost my latest sock. boo hoo

Anonymous said...

Nice looking bathroom! ...reminds me of a place I had once. it had grat metal cabinets in the kitchen then they ripped them out and put in nasty looking chip-board stuff; then they raised the rent!!!

Good start to a hat though!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing the Halfdome cap to, also in the round, but I'm working from the bottom up. Does that mean we'll be passing each other soon? :-)


Tyler Jones said...

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