Monday, July 03, 2006

Hat for LC2

The head hugger hat I talked about a few weeks ago did not shrink down to size. So I decided to try again.

Working with some Debbie Bliss SoHo that I bought near SoHo (at The Point in Greenwich Village), I went down a needle size and tried the alternate directions for a six-section (instead of a 12-section) crown. One section in, I decided:
  1. I didn't like how the chevron brim pattern looked with variegated yarn, and...
  2. I didn't like knitting the wraps visibly on the top
So I started again, this time knitting a plain, garter-stitch body for the hat, and working the wraps to the inside of the cap.

The result is a smaller cap that should fit Linda much better than the previous attempt. It's blocking now (turns out that the core to my old Donvier ice cream freezer is the perfect size and shape for blocking pill-box hats),

In case you're interested, here are my instructions for the six-section crown without knitting the wraps visibly. (For the rest of the pattern, buy a copy from Danny).

Row 17 K3, kw, swt
Row 19 K4, kw, kw, swt
Row 21 K6, kw, kw, swt
Row 23 K8, kw, kw, swt
Row 25 K10, kw, k1, kw, swt
Row 27 K13, kw, k1, kw, swt
Row 1 K16, kw, k1, kw, k2


Tallguy said...

Well, they look easy enough, I suppose. Hahaha, like all things!!

I don't understand "kw" and "swt"... I assume that is "knit wrap" and ??? Just can't figure out that last one.

I like the looks of it -- I think you did good!

yarmando said...

"kw" is "knit wrap"
"swt" is "slip, wrap, turn"