Thursday, July 20, 2006

Shower Construction, Day Three

Progress on Wednesday: the linoleum is gone from the floor and repairs have started on the wood beneath. Some marble panels have been installed in the shower.

I'm starting to worry about a patchwork bathroom, with shower, sink, wall tile, paint, and floor all failing to match in any recognizable way. I'll get over it. It's just a bathroom. The marble panels in the shower really do look nice.

However, I seem to be missing a tube of Elidel cream. I can't imagine why the workers would take it, but it's not where I left it the night before.

After snapping the above photos, I took off for XY Night at the Merc. Mine were the only Y chromosomes to make an appearance however. Still, good conversation with the Y-deprived, I finished off the cap, and started some seaman-style neck-ribbing on the Obey Giant scarf.


Anonymous said...

hey don- is the scarf shadow knit?

yarmando said...

Nope, not shadow knit, at least as I understand it. It's doubleknit, with reverse being a negative image of what you see here. The early part of this story can be found in this blog post.

Cat Herself said...

Sorry to have missed knitting with you Wednesday. I had pink eye and figured it was best to contain the contamined. Sigh. I'm better now, though! Want to try to get together this coming Wednesday? Maybe somewhere that isn't the Merc?