Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 in review

Scanning through the pictures on my hard drive, it looks like I finished about 2 dozen pairs of socks this year, plus seven hats, six scarves, one clapotis, three pair of felted clogs (one pair a disaster), and one sweater. Most of which I've already talked about endlessly here (in the 89 blog posts I made in 2006).

I read fewer books in 2006 than in any of the years I've been keeping track. In fact, I only read one book between the end of March and the beginning of September. Knitting did cut into my reading time, as did sudoku and kakuro -- I got in the habit of doing number puzzles rather than reading before falling asleep. I started off the year as usual, with lots of new books lined up on my shelf to be read, but I found it difficult to get into any of them. I just wasn't enjoying them, and I'd had such high hopes, so I put them down and hoped I would be in a more receptive mood later.

In September, I put the LibraryThing sidebar on my blog, on the theory that public exposure would cure my aliteracy. Since 60% of this year's reading was done since September, that might have worked.

Mike and I only made it out to see movies in theaters about 20 times last year. Favorites:
I'd watch any of those again. And of the movies I saw for the first time on DVD this year, my favorite was probably 40-Year-Old Virgin.


knittingbrow said...

I saw Little Miss Sunshine on a date last year. The movie has the "best third act" for a movie in a long time.

Unknown said...

It's neat to see your round-up of the year. I think I only saw half a dozen movies in the theater in '06. We just never seem to get to the movies as dinner usually wears us out. LOL