Saturday, January 06, 2007

Deadlines met

Yesterday was my last day at work. I'm uninsured for a week, and then I start at the new job.

As I mentioned before, my only serious Christmas knitting was for the people I worked with, but two projects were unfinished. I got them finished in time for my last day.

First, the socks made from Mountain Colors merino:

And second, the fingerless mittens, which Karl calls "programmers mittens."

Made from "Tundra" by Katia, half wool, half acrylic and rayon. These are kind of a mash-up, mostly inspired by Michael's "Medallion Mitts" but constructed using instructions from Pop Up Paws (although I'd think any mitten pattern with a thumb gusset would do). I think the wrists aren't long enough and the ribbing is off-center (see the close-up picture), but Karl likes them. So let's think of them as pre-release beta tests.


Anonymous said...

Programmers Mitts. Pipe organists who practise in unheated churches also like them. I made a couple of pairs for organists when I was doin' my B.Mus. (eons ago).

Cat Herself said...

Lovely socks, too.

Diane said...

I'm a health insurance know it all. You aren't uninsured. Your former employer has to offer you cobra coverage (continuance of your current benefits) within 14 days of your coverage ending. You then have 60 days to decide if you will accept cobra coverage or not. So if something major happens in your week transition you take cobra and it's covered. If not then you don't bother and start with the new insurance.

Best of luck with your new job.

Cheri said...

I'm one of the KnowitNow Ops (cheri from Lorain). I'm working right now & just found out thru the miracle of Skype. I can speak for the ops tonite & say that we'll miss you!

Anonymous said...

Have a good week off - hopefully you have both fun and rest planned. Good luck next week. Let me know when you are ready to go to lunch! CG.

p.s. I can crochet stuff with square corners, but how you ever get socks to come together and look that good is beyond me....knitting looks hard. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the "mitts"! And of course I always love seeing the socks you do!

Keep up the good work.