Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Game? What game?

I cast on for these during the OSU-Michigan game in November. It would be a better story to say that I finished them last night during the BCS Championship Game, but the socks were finished last week. And in defiance of a number of local ordinances, I didn't watch the game.

They're Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in variegated scarlet and gray. I hated it. The yarn was soul-crushingly thin. The colors were muddy. Luckily, I hit upon the idea of knitting it up double-stranded. The resulting socks, while butt ugly, are nevertheless strong and thick, and will please the heart of the OSU fan who gets them. (Technically, these were initially part of the "Socks for Co-Workers" project, but since the recipient had left for another job, his socks got a lower priority than the others).

If I ever make scarlet and gray socks again, I'd probably try to snag some Cider Moon Buckeye Blast. They've done a lot of work to make the colors keep their integrity.


Anonymous said...

I was at the knitters mercantile on Saturday and saw the Cider Moon yarn amongst the whole OSU themed display. However, being the non-OSU out of town visitor, I didn't think about the reactions when I asked for some blue & yellow sock yarn! (Psss, they had some, in Regia Silk! Ahhhhh!)

Anonymous said...

You might want to see some washed Cider Moon before you decide to buy it. I have not heard anything good. It fuzzes up terribly after one wash and looks hazy.

I have some of their yarn, but have not knit it up.

Cat Herself said...

If you want scarlet and gray, I suggest getting one skein of each and just doing stripes, etc. I made Dad's scarf and hat from bulky alpaca that knit up beautifully. I made Mike's socks from (my dirty secret) Wool-Ease stuff. Red socks with gray toes and heels - they are very comfy for him, wash well, and keep their color (because they're fake fiber, of course). They were also my first knitting project, so they're not the best things I've done.

Cat Herself said...

oH yes, I didn't watch the game either. Didn't even turn on the TV.