Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Comics and PBJ's

Normally when I get a cold, it starts as a weird feeling in my sinuses, progresses to a sore throat, adds some sneezing and other features, and works its way out as a cough. So when I developed a cough on Saturday, I figured it wasn't a cold. I was wrong; it's just working through my body backwards. So at least part of my week off is going to be spent trying to get over it before I start the new job.

I'm enjoying the sick day though. I got the first two volumes of Rising Stars from Amazon yesterday, and finished them both today while munching on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I feel like an 8-year-old and I'm loving it. Next I'm going to get some soup started, pick up some knitting, and watch some more episodes of Supernatural.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you get to feeling better. It would be a bummer to start next week feeling less than 100%. I was thinking about going to the knitting thing last night, but I was feeling tired and cranky, so I hid out at home. --C