Friday, July 21, 2006

I can live with this

My fears of a patchwork bathroom were mounting. I mean, look at the linoleum around the sink

But the floor was put down today, and while all the pieces are indeed utterly dissimilar, there's a general neutrality to it all. I can cope.

There are a few small bits left to finish (moulding isn't complete all around the floor), and the kitchen ceiling is still damp, which is suspicious, since we haven't taken a shower here all week. I mean, that was the problem that started us off on this little renovation adventure. Hopefully soon, we can put all this behind us, and my blog can return to more details of what I'm knitting and more complaints about identity politics.


JoVE said...

If I were worried about a damp ceiling, I would be investigating the shower in the apartment above mine. Seriously. Someone should go up there and investigate. Leaky caulking or grout or something might not even be noticed as a serious problem by the folks who life up there.

And be thankful you have light coloured tile and fixtures in that rental bathroom of yours. There is some truly appaling decorating going on in the rental sector worldwide. Way more appalling than neutrals that don't match.

Charles said...

Great see finsh off!!! It looks really great!! NEW bathroom!! WOW
I was thinking refinsh my old bathroom like your!!! I dont know when but will~~

VISIT my blog too!!! BYE

yarmando said...

No apartment above ours, JoVE; it's our own bathroom that sits above our kitchen. If things don't dry out, I am going to suggest they investigate the townhouse next to ours -- our bathrooms and kitchens are adjacent.

Anonymous said...

As your resident Knitting Contractor, i would be cracking that ceiling open NOW! you who are mold and mildew sensitive probably dont want to know what is growing up there. the only way to get rid of mold and moisture is open it, dry it, mild bleach/water solution applied and seat it(paint structural members) trust me, tell them now BEFORE they work is complete or it will be hard to get them back. are you knitting anywhere today? if so get ahold of me.