Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Massacre

I just got back from the post office where I sent a pair of these off to Yarn Snob.

It's Bearfoot "Yellowstone," doubled to get the Sock of Doom gauge. I had to switch to black for the toe an inch sooner than I would've liked, but I think it still looks OK. When I got back from Chicago, I had a package of yarn sent by Yarn Snob's original assassin, but it was a self-patterning cotton Sockotta -- not good for the Sock of Doom pattern, so I dipped into my own stash for this, and I'll keep the Sockotta for Mom (she's told me that's her favorite).

Poor Yarn Snob. Here I am, still on vacation, with nothing but time on my hands to churn out a pair of socks. And damn...Bearfoot knits up really fast, especially doubled.

I peaked into the Sock War Spreadsheet, messaged the editor about Yarn Snob's new status, and she told me that this is one of the highest "kill" days so far.

Back into holding mode until I get the yarn for my next target.


Ken said...

The socks look great even with you having to start the toe color early. Congrats on making it so far in sock wars!

Let me know what you think of House Of Leaves. I LOVE that book. It's very dense reading and I by no means claim to understand all it's intricacies. But there were parts that truly terrified me and it's one hell of a ride!

Matt....... said...

Go Don Go! see you tomorrow!

auntgerry said...

Good to see that there are still some OHio knitters still alive. I'm dead but it was fun

Cat Herself said...

I"m jealous just because you actually got to do something! I have no idea what my victim's victim is doing. Thanks for the spreadsheet link, though - should help me maybe.

Quiltinfairy said...

I thought that yarn was the wrong stuff. But I also thought you could find something to do with it. Do you know if the Yarnsnob got your socks yet? What's the next step for you in this war of socks? You still haven't gotten any socks? Have you heard from the person that is kniting you a pair? Well off to finsh the Harry Potter sweater for my son. Have a good one.

Pastry Girl said...

Don's Socks of Doom are now in Australia. I don't know if they will stay there until completion or will be sent elsewhere. Kate said she had heard from her assassin that her Socks of Doom were on their way. It is a race! :)