Saturday, October 07, 2006

Y'know, Nietzsche says, "Outta chaos COMES order."

After the last confusing blog post and a flurry of e-mail, sudden clarity dawns.

My victim has received her victim's work-in-progress. These are to be YarnSnob's Socks of Doom, and Yarn Fairy will put them in the mail to me. My assassin WoolieBagLady, after her Doom Socks arrive, will send my Doom-Socks-in-progress to WestOzCaat to finish.

It's all about the mail.


Based on recommendations from students, I've revised my toe-up sock course. I've switched it to Magic Loop instead of two circs. I've recommended yarn and needle size, specified gauge, and given explicit instructions on how many stitches to cast on. The flexible, open-ended instructions were just too confusing. I rewrote the short row instructions so that they're clustered into bulleted steps. If you'd like to comment on the new course handout, I'd love to have your feedback.


Cat Herself said...

I'm sure it all makes perfect sense, but I still need to see you do it in person.

Also, I need someone (maybe you?) to show me how to do the SSK. I've totally screwed it up on the Yarmulke I made.

yarmando said...

My mom doesn't like SSK; she still does "s1, k1, psso."

Anonymous said...

okay. I'm lost with the Sock Wars stuff.

are you officially dead after you get socks of doom?